Develop and flourish interpersonal relationship environment and incorporate a philosophy of ethics, discipline, belongings and loyalty feelings in the institute and incorporated a strict educational programs for students to become responsible and disciplined citizens of the world.


Promote a healthy relation and collaborate with industry, business organisations, corporate houses, and other similar organizations to achieve mission objectives of the institute, starting from local to national level and international level


Facilitate the job placements for the students, extend consulting services and pre-placement training programs specially design to cater the need of the industry. Education


Impart quality and value based education in the field of Engineering and Technology.


Create and provide facilities, services and amenities to assist students and other members of the institute in achieving academic growth and professional competency.


Foster flexibility, creativity and innovative methodologies in the field of teaching.


Integrate skills development into the course to encourage student to develop skills to be used by them in their future work place.


Improve the students’ leadership abilities, technical competency and communicative skills through various training programs.


Prepare the road map for quality assurance practices in consultation with students, experts and academics.


Organise lectures, seminars, workshops etc. on latest development in technical world for enriching the knowledge base of students and the faculty.

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