Bidya Bharati Educational Trust took its birth to stand on its avowed objective to impart Engineering and Management Education to its students to become great engineers with professional skills to address and solve the problems of modern Hi-tech industry.  Every care and effort will be taken to assist our students acquire a wide spectrum of technical knowledge but also to become good human beings - Sensitive and Committed to serve the Society, God and Country in the finest traditions of mankind. The institute shall provide quality education with a distinctly different flavor aiming at developing analytical thinking and creativity amongst the faculty and students in line with the rich practices of the best institutions of the world, thereby fostering high employability of the pass-outs for the cherished jobs of the globe.

In this pursuit, the institution shall provide the best of infrastructure, recruit, retain and develop really rich faculty with originality and dedication and will create an ideal environment which will transform the institution into a dream destination for the students, parents and faculty and shall be a pride possession for the State of Orissa and Mother India.

The Mission of the Trust:

·                     To deliver Quality Technical Education, with an equal emphasis on theoretical and practical aspects.

·                     To provide state of the art Infrastructure for the students and faculty to upgrade their skills and knowledge.

·                     To create an open and conducive environment for faculty and students to carryout research and excel in their field of specialization.

·                     To focus especially on Innovation and Development of Technologies that are Sustainable and Inclusive, and thus benefit all Sections of the Society.

·                     To establish a strong Industry Academic Collaboration for Teaching and Research, which could lead to Entrepreneurship.

·                     To produce quality Engineers who are disciplined, ethical and socially concerned.


·                     To assist weaker sections of the society by providing opportunity and resources for developing skills for employability or self help / entrepreneurship.


The main vision of Bidya Bharati Educational Trust is to become a distinctive Technological Institute decided to nurturing mind, advancing technical & professional knowledge, elevating the human spirit and applying creative talents to the needs of the nation with processional integrity and elegant simplicity. It also Commencing with high quality graduate education, proliferating into masters and doctoral research, the basic approach of the promoting body shall be excellence beyond teaching, which shall aim at continuous development for making unique contribution to the world of technology resulting in innovations and patents, by active interfacing of industry with institution, in achieving excellence and building a better world, for which the posterity shall be grateful to this centre of learning.

Vision of the Trust:

Leadership in Quality Technical Education, Research & Innovation, through Teamwork, with a focus on Development of Sustainable and Inclusive Technology