At CSE we champion the philosophy that industry plays a hand in making a better, rational, more sustainable society.

CSE focuses on Innovative and interactive teaching methods with one on-one guidance from academic advisors.

We assure a memorable kick-start to the college life with exciting introductory activities for all students with a mentoring plan.

CSE would foster specialization with a 360 degree approach in terms of understanding every student's strengths and weakness and providing them with the right industry fitment.

Information sharing and translating these findings to practice is the key agenda for all academic practitioners at CEC.

Faculty at CSE would assure student's development through critical insights into current aspects of technological revolutions.

CSE surroundings are beautiful and inspiring and conductive to the learning environment. The green campus surrounding provides an ideal environment for extending classroom learning to outdoor team building and experiential learning activities.

Pedagogy, The Philosophy which guides the pedagogy of CSE is based on the habits of mind. Several habits of mind form the foundation of what the Institute believes, is a fostering learning environment: habit of critical, flexible and reflexive learning, and habit of supportive, yet challenging intellectual exchange. Emphasis shall be more in favour of experimental learning than on "chalk and talk" lectures. Communication, leadership, negotiation, entrepreneurship, team building, ethics and corporate social responsibility are viewed as important as analytical mindset in pursuit of knowledge and acquiring skill. Most up-to-date and innovative methods of Teaching, Training, Research and Action are blended together to make learning at CSE Campus.